229 Tremont Street, Carver, Massachusetts 02330, United States

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Restaurant with a Piece of Europe in a Country Setting

Restaurant with a Piece of Europe in a Country Setting Restaurant with a Piece of Europe in a Country Setting


In 1760, Bartlett Murdoch built his first furnace right here on “Little Pond” called “Charlotte’s Furnace.” It supposedly got it’s name from Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III, rule of England at this time. From 1760-1790, the company flourished. The country was close to anarchy, and the barter system ruled until the continental currency stabilized. The “furnace” survived and became very successful. Their iron was in great demand for cannonballs and iron reinforcements. The War of 1812 pitted two vessels against each other. Captain Issac Hull of the USS Constitution and Captain Dacres of the British Frigate Guerriere bet a hat on the outcome. The constitution, “using heavy iron from Carver,” blew the Guerriere out of the water. 

Among the employees of the furnace was Benjamin Ellis who married the boss’s daughter and eventually renamed the company the Ellis Iron Works. The earliest products of the plant included crane pots, long kettles, spiders and andirons. Tea kettles were a constant product and the plant was regarded as a hollow ware center. The company dissolved in 1904 and was converted into a cranberry screening house known as “Crane Brook Cranberry Company.” 

In 1979, the property was purchased by Mary Cunningham, who along with her sister, Barbara, and her young daughter, Abbey, began serving soup, sandwiches, pastries, and tea to those coming to shop at her antique shop. In 1981, the Tea Room was established and the Crane Brook Restaurant evolved into one of the finest dining establishments anywhere. 

In 2004, Don McKeag opened up Crane Brook Restaurant once more hoping to continue the successful past and provide an exciting future for the beautiful building. In November of 2018, Antonio Sousa and Maria Marcalo purchased this historical landmark and had a vision of bringing back the Crane Brook Restaurant to its glory days.  They began renovations on both outside and inside and while renovating on a daily basis local driving residents would stop and anxiously asked for an opening day and sharing with us their special memories of Crane Brook.  On June 29th of 2019 Crane Brook restaurant once again opened its doors to the public and is inviting all in the local and surrounding communities to come in and experience Farm-to-Table Cuisine.